Understand Yourself

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There’s the nearly imperceptible feeling in our lives that what’s happening right now isn’t as good as what will happen in the future and that if we could just “get through” this highly inconvenient present moment, we’d finally be able to get to the “good stuff.”

Things are just progressing too slowly for us to be satisfied and we want to know why.

Little do we know that when the imagined (perfect) future moment finally arrives.
There is an intrinsic link between patience and real self-awareness. The more patient you are for things to materialize in their own time, the more space you’ll be able to give yourself to understand what’s really going on in the world.

This space is where Presence comes into play.

Presence of mind helps you realize that as much as you want to “make things happen” for yourself, there is a certain point where even the most dedicated, hardworking person in the world must yield to a greater timetable that is simply out of their hands.

This should be a relief because it means that you don’t need to wait until some moment in the future to be happy. You can do that right now without a second thought — regardless of whether or not you’ve accomplished the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Just be happy, now. The rest of it will happen of its own accord.


I can VS. I will

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When we say we can do something, we’re only talking about potentials; when it comes to motivation, “can” is a pretty weak word when it’s spoken in the first person. I’m not downplaying the importance of seeing that you can do something, but when it comes to finishing the stuff that matters, “will” has all of the juice.
When we say we “will” do something, it both assumes the potential and expresses a commitment. There is no maybe, no might, no “I’m thinking about it” — the major decision (to do it or not do it) has already been made.

“Will” is funny that way because once it is uttered, it both constrains and liberates us. It constrains us because it eliminates a lot of options of things we might do, but it liberates us because it can set us free from the sometimes crippling burden of choosing one option over the other.

I know this might all sound either theoretical or purely semantic, but it makes a huge difference. For instance, when my clients and I are talking about their strategies, action plans, or courses of action, they learn very quickly that I will challenge a “can” once we’ve agreed to the plan. That they can do it has already been agreed to before we even started making plans and strategies; what we both most need to know is if they will do it.

All that said, “will” does not create a straightjacket, but rather creates a powerful default. It’s fine to decide that you also will not do something after you’ve said you would do it, but notice how much stronger the inertia is to do what you’ve said you would do.

So, the next time you’re thinking about something you could, can, or might do, play with changing it from those words to “will” do and see what happens. Bonus points if you tell someone else what you will do, too.


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Insomnia is an inner struggle, starting when you turn off the light and your head touch the bed. It’s like you can never close you eyes and these voices in your head getting louder whenever you try to sleep.
I tried so hard to deal with that feeling. I was always saying to myself before I go to bed:
“It’s okay, I’ll try tomorrow”.

“I won’t think about that! The PAST can’t be changed, forgotten, erased or edited. I can learn from it and leave it behind”.

Or “I’ll take my medicine and it will help me to sleep”.

🌸All of these motivating words help the brain to accept the treatment and deal with the main cause of Insomnia, whether it’s depression or anxiety, Then your whole body will accept the medication and will get heal by the time.

It’s okay to say NO

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When was the last time you said “NO” to going out when you needed to study or buying something you don’t like but your best friend just like it? I’m extremely guilty of never saying no, especially when someone close to me needs something from me. I say yes for fear of disappointing them.
There’s a different between who you love, who you settle for and who you are meant for.

Now, on the reverse side. when was the last time you said “YES” to the gym, “YES” to a study date or “YES” to running for a leadership position in one of your organizations?
You’ll automatically feel better about yourself when you benefit yourself with “NO”.

  • Sometimes saying “NO” to someone else is saying “YES” to yourself and, no, that does not make you selfish.
  • Putting yourself first before committing yourself to others, helping you to have the best semester yet.

And you know what,…

“Saying “YES” to your happiness means saying “NO” to the things and the people that stress you out”.

“Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you selfish or vain. It makes you indestructible”.

“How you treat yourself is how you’re inviting the world to treat you”.

“Friendship is all the time, not just when it’s convenient for the other person”.

There’s a different between who you love, who you settle for and who you’re meant for”.

Healthy Living

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Today is a new day, with a new 💡plan. Back to the gym, and getting my favorite meal.
Time to start feeling better about myself. Every little step helps.
I’m strong, and will do my best to heal and feel good.


Living a health living is so easy:


▪ Always think about everything good in your life.

▪memorize lists of positive words. It’s because when you force your brain to use positive words frequently, you make these words, more accessible, more connected, and more easily activated in your brain. So when you go to retrieve a word or idea from your memory, positive ones can come to the top more easily.

▪Eating well helps us to prevent many diseases which are linked with being overweight. Diseases include high blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke, cancer joint problems and sleeping difficulties just to name a few. Eating well also makes us feel emotionally well.

▪regular exercise is positively related to wellness and also mental health recovery.

This is life

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The challenges lead to experiences that shape us, the character that drives us, the faith that guides us, the life around us and to the possibility in front of us. No it isn’t always perfect, but it’s life.
The scars remains, yes. But they are there because the wounds have healed.
They are the evidence of a miracle.


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Always, it’s smaller than you. Even when it feels vast. It operates within you, you do not operate within it. It may be a dark cloud passing across the sky, but -If that is the metaphor- you are the sky.
》You were there before it. And the cloud CAN’T exsit without a sky, but the sky CAN exsit without the cloud! .