The Velvet Moon

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Have you ever fought sleep for fear of dreaming?

Did fear or exhaustion win??

“Crawling into bed, she let her weight settle into the softness of her mattress; the fatigue saturating her limbs so intense, it felt like she’d been drugged. while part of her mind fought the wave of coming sleep, the other was desperate to let it swallow her up.

Then, as if sinking into a flightless sea, she felt herself losing consciousness as darkness closed in on all sides.”


I don’t look sick… part 2

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After taking a decision to move on and start a new life positively, i look forward the future with a shiny look and leave all my dark memories behind.🌅 I’m new and this is me now:
“I don’t look sick, because I fought my pain and my tears and tried to washed it aside.
I don’t look sick, because I got to deal with my anixty.
I don’t look sick, I became more successful and I’m really looking up to the sunshine.
I don’t look sick, because I followed health rules helped me to be healthy, mentally and physically.
I don’t look sick, because I tried to speak out about my feelings with no shame.
I don’t look sick, because I learned to let it go.
I don’t look sick, because I faced my fears so i beat my insomnia.
I don’t look sick, because I became social and made a lot of friends.
I don’t look sick anymore, because I wanted to be relived again.
I don’t look sick, because I’m following up my quote (YOU CAN DO IT) ♡♡

I don’t look sick but..

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Today and tomorrow I’ll show you the difference between the old me and the new me.
“I don’t look sick, but I always have a headache and chest pain in everytime I try to go out.
I don’t look sick, but i live with deep exhaustion and every movement takes my power, even the simplest.
I don’t look sick, but inside, I’ve been drawn in a deep ocean of my thinking.
I don’t look sick, but everyday I scream for help to get rid of this pain.
I don’t look sick, but I’m dying daily from loneliness.
I don’t look sick, but I feel like my brain is gonna blow up over thinking every single moment all day, all night.
I don’t look sick, but my nerves often give me “Phantom itches” that make me scratch myself raw at an itch that doesn’t actually exist.
I don’t look sick, but you’ll never the struggle beneath the surface.”

The motivational power of Yoga

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“Health is our greatest wealth!” I love this, I just read it yesterday for the first time and it’s speaks such an absolute truth. Good health is a lifelong mission. It takes dedication and discipline, and absolutely no one will hand it to you💞💎👑

Today, I started doing yoga and I cloud not even imagine that it makes me feel postive like that!

These precious moments are what life’s all about.

present momentness.




However, you want / choose to get there.. go do it. NOW! ♡

What sort of things do you do to bring yourself back to health? Mine was definitely focusing on yoga, meditation, and eating a healthy food!

The inner peace

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you feel ugly, unhappy? You feel like you have to get this or that at first to feel happy?
The problem is we are looking for happiness in the wrong places. some guy thinks that if he got on a date with that girl, he would be the happest person ever. and the businessman thinks if he close this deal successfully, he’ll be the luckiest man. and this girl thinks if she married her love, she’ll be very very happy.
Sadly, we all are finding the happiness in places outside ourselves and we limit our happiness in concrete things, and when we get those things, we feel emptiness and start looking for other purpose to fill this emptiness.
Although the Philosophers, scholars, and prophets all agree that happiness is the true expression of inner peace, you can feel it inside with some safety, no matter what happens around you.

Speak out about your feelings, you deserve it

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you can’t hide your struggling for along time.
when you try to talk about what bothers you, it can make you think better about yourself and choose your decisions well. it can make people see you another one who went through a lot of pain without showing anything except smiling, you can make them proud of you.
Believe me, it’s not a good idea to silence yourself; you think it’s better to run and ignore those awful feelings than face it all. but I think it’s going to depend on your situations in life and you will lose your innocence soul gradually.
shutting yourself off is such a bad beginning of a whole levels of mental illness. let me ask you, what if you trusted someone for the last time?

I know lots of you trust no one because of different things; but be sure there will be someone out there who will love you truly and take care of you because you’re loved and have a good little child inside you want to be in safe.

While being open about your mental health experiences is beneficial, you probably don’t need to talk to a therapist or doctor. you just need someone to believe in you and listen to you. It can be a friend, a family member, a lover and probably someone you just met, but you feel good about them.
Be strong and speak out, don’t let this stigma stop you from living your life happly. fight it and don’t shut yourself off. You deserve to live a great life like others, no matter what happened in the past; you will always have the opportunity to make things new.

“You are not your past, you are your present.”

New year full of love

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Here’s to a great 2019 with lots more helping from a great people in my life❤❤
I wanna thank everyone for being with me and tolerating me at my worst, on the tough days when I’m not all that nice or pleasant to be around.
Thank you for listening, even when I’m not really saying anything important, and hearing me in a way I’m not even sure I can hear myself. Thank you for laughing with me—and even at me sometimes.😁 Thank you for making me smile when I need to most.
Thank you for encouraging me to be myself, flaws and all, and helping me embrace my inner weirdness.❤🙏🙏
This is the true meaning of love and I honor it😌
I’m ready for a new year with power of love🌸